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Lack of resources in the Black Community causes high rates of violence

Everyone deserves to live in a safe and quality community despite social economic status. Lack of investment into schools, hospitals, jobs and other forms of economic needs is immoral and a violation of basic human rights to thrive.

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Divestment in schools, hospitals, and youth programs negatively impacts communities that are disproportionately impacted by violence. Lack of resources leads to limited options for people. Constant exposure violence causes extreme levels of PTSD.

What kind of help do you need from the community to solve it?

Feedback on how to get partnerships with various community sectors to implement programs and resources to bring about quality investments to the Black Community. Also ways to spread awareness regarding the event.

Ideastorms in Progress


Peace First Video Prompts

How can you create peace in your community?   What would a violence free summer in Chicago look like???   Post your responses here and make sure you submit a video!!  ... more
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Addressing Violence in our Communities-Questions

Questions For Peace First Participants   How can we reduce violence in our communities ?   How can YOU personally reduce violence in your communities?   In a perfect world what would your community look like?  ... more
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Solutions in Action


Peace First Student Forum

The peace forum was an opportunity for students to share their opinions and thoughts around violence in the community. Peace First participants were asked about their personal experiences with the violence in their communities and their personal experiences with violence. Police Violence, and Community Centers for youth were among the topics that were addressed.  Please... more
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Addressing Violence in the Community through Media-Whose Streets

Dixon students participated in the movie screening of “Whose Streets” where they observed the aftermath of the murder of Michael Brown by police. We observed how the community galvanized to organize around solutions such as police accountability and addressing gun violence. Students observed a panel discussion about the film... more
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