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Gang Ties Destroying Friendships

As a member of a community heavily influenced by gang culture, I often see friendships strained due to gang activity. We want to piece together a process of accountability that may help to salvage friendships strained by street culture.

Tell us more about the injustice you feel strongly about

Over the course of months, I've seen friendships erode and in some cases turn to outright aggression over gang involvement, affiliation, or lack thereof. I've also seen relationships preserve. We want to create space for the discussion to be held.

What kind of help do you need from the community to solve it?

I want to work with active gang members to solve this problem. We will need peer buy-in, and a safe container to hold these discussions in. Harper High School will play an integral role in the mediation process.

Ideastorms in Progress


Space Exploration

What does a “safe space”  look like for mediating student issues? Students have begun to brainstorm/explore what that space, or series of spaces, looks like?... more
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Memory Lane

What techniques have students used to best de-escalate rising tensions, as opposing gang relationships cause rifts in friendships? A survey conducted by students on peers indicates that “remembering the old times” is the most effective way of ensuring that bonds are maintained.... more
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Window To Your World

Have you lost any friends to gang relations? Were you able to repair the relationship? Why, or why not? How did that make you feel?... more
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When Friends Become "Opps' Pt. 2

What are some of the causes of friendship eroding due to gang relations?... more
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Solutions in Action


Surveys for Students

Have you ever had a friend in an opposing gang?   Did the gang relations interfere with your friendship?   Were you able to maintain the friendship despite the opposition?   If not, why?   What would you have done differently?... more
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