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harmful portrayals of Immigrants

An international student who worked with refugees and immigrants I fear the effect of the hateful rhetoric about foreigners being criminals or terrorists. there have been people dragged from their homes and schools out of unfounded hate and fear

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the travel ban fed a narrative of us vs them. since then there have been stories of witch hunts in communities for immigrants now branded dangerous criminals morally inferior which has led to ppl including children being dragged from their homes

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Part of what i want to do is collect the stories of those affected and give them an opportunity to be heard, if you are yourself or know people affected by the war on immigrants please let them know i'd love the opportunity to speak to them.

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“To Solve the Injustice of Immigrants are being treated as the enemy and as less than human, we will address the lack of knowledge and of negative and inaccurate propaganda, by solving the issues of violence and injustice against immigrants we will tackle ignorance we will create an online platform for people to find facts that counter the... more
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what do i need to organize a social media campaign

Since the issue i a attempting to tackle is a national one social media seems an efficient means to reach a scope that is impactful. I am not however big on social media and would appreciate suggestion on what format and platform would be most impactful... more
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