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There aren't enough platforms for women to raise their voice on campus

At our university, the University of Texas at Austin, 43.5% of women indicate that they have been victims of sexual harassment and only 47% of students believe that their voice would be fairly heard in an investigation. This should not be the case.

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Women from all over campus submitted stories to our project on areas such as race discrimination, unfair treatment in the workplace, relationship violence, catcalling, body image issues, and so many more challenges that women face every day.

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We need people to believe the stories of these women and to encourage this or similar projects on our campus and many other campuses in the future.

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“To Solve the Injustice of the suppression of women’s voices and experiences on higher education campuses,, we will address these women’s respective injustices, experiences, and hopes, by hosting a production that features their stories, amplifies the voice of these women on campus, and makes fellow students engage in difficult and important dialogue that acknowledges and... more
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