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Diversity is a challenge in our small, rural town.

We know people who stereotype and people who are affected by stereotyping. We feel it is our moral responsibility to understand people of different cultures. We believe understanding leads us to realizing we are not so different after all.

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We attended a 4-H program that opened our eyes to the problems of racism by connecting us with foreign exchange students who shared their stories, as well as a traveling theater troupe that shared a skit about the issue.

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We need support and information. We want to get many people involved and talking about diversity. We need access to resources and knowledge that community members may have. It would be good to learn how others have done similar projects before.

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What’s the best way to get local foreign exchange students involved?

We want to put on a storytime at the local library using diverse books for preschoolers in our area. We want to include the chance to interact with exchange students. How’s the best way to do this?... more
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“To Solve the Injustice of opening up minds to diversity in our small town, we will address the lack of exposure to diversity, by bringing diversity awareness projects to our town.”... more
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