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Good!  I’ve loved reading about the work.  Terrific job!!

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I think polling some middle schoolers about ways they like to receive information would be a good place to start. My thinking goes to digital media and ways to use SnapChat, YouTube and other outlets to share the information and connect to resources. Perhaps creating a Google Website that can be accessed with links to resources. I’m so excited and…[Read more]

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hello Eric greetings and how are you ?


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HI! I’m Eric, the CEO of Peace First.  I love this image and the work you are doing.  Keep up the good work! Eric

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Hi. I am a Program Director at Peace First. Thanks for joining the Peace First Challenge and sharing your insight! Your team has identified several important injustices that young people face. It sounds like middle schoolers may not have resources or peers who have had similar experiences to support them. Have you spoken with any middle schoolers…[Read more]

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“To Solve the Injustice of bullying, gang violence, substance abuse, LGBTQ and depression, we will address pre teens in middle school. We will inform them of methods and resources, by sharing our personal experiences and talking to them.”