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Stop euthanizing animals for space.

I am an animal lover who has saved and taken care of many animals.

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I went to an animal pound to rescue as many animals as possible and take them to the Humane Society of Indianapolis. The suffering that I saw in there is too unbearable to go unnoticed in our society.

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I need help with some ideas to put this to action in pounds.

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Shelters are overwhelmed because of the large amounts of animals coming to them with not enough resources to take care of them. Shelters that are government paid don’t receive nearly enough money and non-profit shelters are only relying on donations. This results in 2.7 million adoptable animals put down each year. While animal overpopulation and... more
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“To Solve the Injustice of Animals being euthanized in shelters for space, we will address the Lack of ressources in shelters, by providing support to shelters so that they can become kill-free.”... more
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