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Foster children caring trashbags with them when switching homes.

Being someone who saws her own friend try to commit suicide becasue they disliked and couldn't trust there foster home at times. I decided someone needs to help.

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A year before I wanted to help I knew a foster Home with 11 foster children. One attempted to commit suicide becasue she hated how she was living. She didn't die but it made me rethink how I view others.

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I want some people to donate some useful items to gov to the kids to call their own. Maybe even help us fundraisers or give ideas. Any donations would be appreciated.

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“To Solve the Injustice of foster children that carry trash bags with unuseful items that they can’t call their own when switching homes, we will address the lack of equality and the bullying these kids go through, by providing them with kits full of hygiene products and family games to them. We will also raise... more
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