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I wanted to check in to see how you’re going with this idea? Have you made any progress since we last were in touch?

I also hope you have a great festive season!

Raul and the Peace First Team

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Hello Bluemoon – when you think about helping someone increase their self-confidence, what do you hope will be possible for them or what will they be able to do as a result?  Sometimes thinking about the result can help think of ways to get there.  For example, who are you thinking about in particular?  Why are you interested in helping them in…[Read more]

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@fishstarktpi – just thinking in case @bluemoon would like to be matched with a Peace Coach for the group they want to start in their school.

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@Raul, do you mean a Peace First mentor or one at their school?

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Thanks @fishstarktpi – what would be the best way to get in touch for anyone interested in being matched with a mentor?

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They all sound like great ideas to get started. Do you already have any other young people in your school that you think might be interested in getting started with you? Have you had a chat with the school administration to see if they can provide you with some support too or would you prefer to do it as a more informal activity?

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