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The environment is suffering: climate change, pollution, deforestation

I have always been connected to nature and have felt a need to help in any way I can. Many people are unaware of how food choices impact Earth, and how by eating more plant-based food & less meat, we significantly increase our positive impact.

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The United Nations says animals raised for foods equals 14% of greenhouse gas emissions. Other problems include pollution, deforestation, rainforest destruction, ocean dead zones, and negative climate change due to methane/nitrous oxide production.

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Most of us eat several times each day, so we have many chances to be peacemakers every time we choose our food! I need as many people as possible spreading the word about how every time we eat, we have the chance to make change for the entire world!

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“To Solve the Injustice of People being unaware that their food choices affect the planet, we will address The lack of knowledge the general public has, by Distributing EAT (Eat Aware Today) bookmarks and PDFs, which introduce people to the idea that every bite we eat is a chance to make positive change!”... more
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Get Eat Aware Today! bookmarks to your friends, family, and classrooms! Infographic PDF is also available as a poster or to share more information!

The first Eat Aware Today! bookmarks are printed and ready to send out for 2017 (see sample images below)! The bookmarks can be folded into  pocket-sized reference guides. There is also an infographic available as a PDF that can be posted on bulletin boards or used as a guide to quickly and easily introduce the... more
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