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Bullying affects students everywhere, and peer education can fix it.

Bullying is a public health epidemic that affects millions of kids around the world, but we keep responding with the same old, tired solutions. Peer-to-peer education can change attitudes and behaviors to make schools safe and accepting for all.

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The Teaching Peace Initiative organizes Peace Teams of high school students, matches them with a Peace Coach mentor and our proven, award-winning peace curricula, and supports them to teach peace and make a real difference in their communities.

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We need students to step up and start Peace Teams in their schools!

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Project Insight

“To Solve the Injustice of bullying, school violence, and intolerance, we will address the lack of powerful peer conversations about nonviolence, peace, and justice, by training and empowering high school students to teach peace and build compassion in their communities.”... more
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Anti-Bullying Brainstorming: Share Your Thoughts!

What was anti-bullying curriculum like in your school? What worked, and what didn’t? How would you do things differently? What do you think is important for kids to learn about peace, tolerance, respect, diversity, and conflict resolution?... more
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Solutions in Action


Peacemakers in Columbia!

Check out these photos of our Columbia, MD Peace Team, hard at work creating a culture of peace in their community!      ... more
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Peacemakers in Annapolis!

Our Annapolis, MD Peace Team has been out and about in classrooms, spreading peace, tolerance, and kindness wherever they go! Check out these photos:      ... more
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Start a Peace Team in your school: organize your peers and teach peace to kids in your community!

We need high school students to step up and tackle the challenges of bullying and school violence. If you start a Peace Team at your school, we’ll match you with a college student Peace Coach from our national staff, train you to use our award-winning curricula, and send you to build cultures of peace and... more
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