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Minorities have lower scores in Math and Reading on state scores.

Because I live in a highly Hispanic community, the literacy rates are much lower than others because English is the second language at home. This starts them off behind when they start school with English speaking teachers and books.

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Reading to preschool children in a disadvantaged area of my community, I noticed that these children had a great enthusiasm for learning but the books were in English and they had no books in their homes, a key indicator of success in school.

What kind of help do you need from the community to solve it?

Getting libraries to offer space for events that improve the community is crucial. Also, getting the word out to the community on ways to recycle books into the hands of children who need them is needed.

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Create a community STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Festival to show STEAM in local businesses

By contacting your local community leaders you can access a public space to bring together local businesses, nonprofits and schools to demonstrate STEAM concepts in a hands-on way at booths that the public can visit. If you add a stage, you can bring in speakers about implementation of STEAM concepts in the everyday. By advertising... more
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Free Board Game Day at the public library

Our free board game day at the library attracts over 1000 people to have a fun “unplugged” day playing board games. While having fun, these adults and youth learn basic literacy skills such as letter, number, color identification, sequencing, counting, and basic words. In addition, they learn social skills to help them be a better... more
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