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27 Jul 0

Ban on Transgenders in the U.S. Military

Author: LarryG

  Yesterday, President Trump announced on Twitter that transgender people can no longer serve in the U.S. military in “any capacity.” This came as a shock to many, even military leaders and Pentagon officials. Just last year, President Obama had enacted a policy that allowed transgender people to openly serve in the military, which was

19 Jul 0

Woman in Saudi Arabia arrested for wearing a skirt

Author: LarryG

  Yesterday, a young woman was arrested in Saudi Arabia for wearing a mini-skirt. This goes against Sharia law, which Saudi Arabia follows strictly as a conservative, Islamic country. Their dress code requires women to wear loose robes and cover their faces and hair in public. The young woman was wearing a mini-skirt and crop

18 Jul 0

Obamacare under threat

Author: LarryG

  Obamacare is in more danger than ever. Previously, Congress was trying to repeal Obamacare and replace it with their own health care act. Now, Senate leadership has announced they will vote on simply repealing Obamacare without any bill to replace it for the time being.   According to FamilesUSA, repealing Obamacare without a replacement would

13 Jul 0

“You are now spouses” – Marriage Equality in Malta

Author: LarryG

  Today, we celebrate a victory for the global LGBTQ community: the island nation of Malta just legalized same-sex marriage in a nearly unanimous vote by Parliament. They are now the 15th state in the European Union to institute marriage equality, following Germany most recently and Slovenia earlier this year. The Maltese government said its