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31 Aug 0

Hurricane Harvey intensified by Climate Change

Author: LarryG

  Over the weekend, Hurricane Harvey dumped nearly 21 trillion gallons of water in Texas, making it the most extreme rainfall event in the continental United States in history. At least 18 people have been killed, and the death toll is likely to rise.   “Although these storms occur naturally, the storm is apt to

29 Aug 0

Presidential Pardon for Racial Profiling

Author: LarryG

  Just before the weekend, President Trump issued his first presidential pardon in a storm of controversy. He pardoned Joe Arpaio, a county sheriff who served six terms in Phoenix, Arizona, and was known to be “on a crusade against illegal immigration.”   So, what’s all the fuss about? Although he was a law enforcement

24 Aug 0

Victory over racial discrimination as Texas Voter ID law fails

Author: LarryG

  For the fifth time, a federal judge has struck down a voter ID law in Texas which he says was drafted with the intent to discriminate against people of color. This law was originally passed in 2011 and required voters in Texas to show one of seven forms of government-issued photo identification, such as