We want to break down barriers for creating peacemaking projects. Mini-grants range from $25 to $250 USD to support young peacemakers in taking action in their communities. We ask applicants to match the amount requested (through financial or in-kind support) to demonstrate their commitment and community support. That means if you raise $100, we will give you $100 too!

The Peace First Challenge tools for Choose, Understand, and Plan will help you create a strong peacemaking project. In turn, this helps strengthen your mini-grant application!

Eligibility for mini-grants:

  • You have a plan for a peacemaking project that can be implemented within 3 months.
  • Fill out a mini-grant application.
  • You have created a Peace First Challenge project page.
  • Requests for funding must be between $25 and $250 USD.
  • You must match the amount requested through your own fundraising or in-kind donations (like time, donations, space, etc.).
  • Mini-grants must be used within 3 months of receiving the grant.
  • You must be 13 – 24 years old.
  • You must be a resident of the United States (we hope to expand our reach in the future!).
  • Mini-grant winners must demonstrate how the money was spent through photos, a video using the storytelling template, and a brief evaluation.


  • Applications will be reviewed and distributed on a monthly basis.
  • Applications are due by the last Friday of every month – (applications that come in after will be reviewed the following month).
  • Applicants will hear back about their status by the second week of the following month.

Applications are now open! You can submit your application at the mini-grants application page.

Use this tip sheet to help you answer the mini-grant application questions.