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February 2017
teamdiversitycasscity is from:
Michigan, United States
15 years 6 months old
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14 year old friends from small town in Michigan.

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teamdiversitycasscity’s has joined the community because:
We want to make a difference in our community. We learned about Peace First from a 4-H conference and wanted to bring diversity education back to our community.
What does teamdiversitycasscity bring to their community?:

For the past three years we have received grants from the national FFA to provide fresh meat for our local food pantry. With this grant, we worked together to bring the community into our project, we were featured many times in our local newspaper and presented information about the project and were able to double our budget. We are leaders in our 4-H and FFA chapters and have access to many helping hands to help make our successful.

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