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March 2017
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New York, United States
18 years 0 months old
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We all see what is happening in this world and my question is WHY? Why children around the globe are having so many difficulties in life while we are enjoying our life in a peaceful country.I want to take an ACTION, today!I want to show these kids that they’re not alone! As a girl who born in a country which served as one of the peaceful countries in the world during the war times and welcomed foreign children from all over the world to their homes to keep them safe, I believe that now it’s my time.The country called Uzbekistan used to be the place, which many people sent their children to keep them safe. Throughout the world, there is a lot of people that making changes to improve the society. I'm one of that people, that wants to make a change throughout this huge world and to achieve my goals. The girl raised by a poor family immigrated to another country and lives in the city that full of dreams.Throughout my life in the United States, I have done a lot of after school activities, clubs and much more. I'm one of the students that are so eager to learn new skills and experience new challenges.Throughout my lifetime, I have faced a lot of children with many disadvantages and I believe that it’s my time to take an action. I have been helping young kids that are immigrated to this country from my country with learning language.I have also helped their parents to get their kids to go to school and I’m just passion about children.Throughout my school year, I have held many meetings and conferences with after school clubs about young people to help them get through HIV/Aids and Abuse.
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I have led so many activities for a group of people. One of the most recent activities that I held with my members was QUILT Week in Edward R.Murrow HS. There were 100 of students and I had to start it!I was very comfortable and excited about the presentation or speech. I used a lot of face expressions and some jokes to keep people excited and eager.As I moved on, I asked some questions from the students and we played some games related to HIV/AIDS.From the day I started presenting, I was never shy but proud. I was very proud to be the person that impacting the world by giving meaningful speeches to the students about HIV/AIDS.Because I believe that what I do is matters.

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