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March 2017
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Texas, United States
17 years 6 months old
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Having lived on the American-Mexican border the majority of my life, I have been lucky enough to live at the convergence of two impressive and amazing cultures. I have also had the influence of yet another amazing lifestyle through my Syrian immigrant parents. By weaving these three vastly different worlds into the fabric of my life, I have been able to fully appreciate and understand the importance of an open-mind. My diverse background and community have taught me that learning from others is much more important and powerful than fearing that which is deemed “different”.

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Recently, I attended the United Nations Youth Assembly where I was surrounded by nearly a thousand other delegates who all came with the purpose of enabling youth across the world to become an integral part of society by contributing in a positive and constructive way. One of the biggest messages that I learned was that the youth of today are not “the future,” but in fact, the present. I cannot sit idly by as injustice floods our world, instead I must make every effort to involve myself and those around me in making the world a better place in which to live.
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For a community that is a rather homogenous one, I bring forth a different flavor. I am a Muslim girl of Syrian descent in a predominantly Catholic, Hispanic area. This allows me to be an ambassador for those across the globe who can be so misunderstood in the Western hemisphere. It also allows my community members to open their eyes to a whole other scope of life. I have become a motivated and driven person who stands for what I think is right and just in order to portray my love for humanity while reflecting my roots.

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