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November 2016
Rw216748 is from:
New Jersey, United States
15 years 6 months old
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I am 14 years old and I have major depression and yeah... I don't real know what else to say.

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I am interested because I honestly think, whether you want to be a guy or a girl you should have full rights. And that people shouldn't judge you on your sexuality or gender. If your happy the way you are then that should be enough for everyone else. I really want to end homophobia and make a difference in the world.
What does Rw216748 bring to their community?:

I don't really understand this question if you mean my like neighborhood community.. I don't really do anything here because I don't really have the time because of school especially cause everything is after school. But in the LGBTQ+ community I am still working on my my sexuality .. I'm still a little confused about who I truly am.

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