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February 2017
Mrincon831 is from:
California, United States
19 years 1 month old
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I am the president of the Rancho Cielo Leadership Council. I love to sing, dance, and cook. Culinary is my main focus in my career.

Issues Mrincon831 cares about:
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I'm interested to help youth in middle school to let them know that when I was their age, I didn't have anyone to tell me what to do or what not to do. I feel like if my leaders and I go out and talk to these students our stories about our life at their age. Me and my leadership group are creating a dear 13 old me video and presentation on what we want to tell these youth in our community. I feel like this project will be a great and big thing that will help them get ready for high school days.
What does Mrincon831 bring to their community?:

I love my community like it's my family. I want to bring peace and love to our community. I bring a lot to my community. I always volunteer every weekend in my community and that makes me feel like I will help my community.

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