Why do Points Matter?

Points are just a way to keep you motivated and make this whole thing more fun!

Your Points

Join a project
becoming a member
logging in
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Main Ways to Score Points

+50per friend

Invite friends

Thanks for inviting your friends!

+100per share

Promote Content

Thanks for promoting our content!

+200per friend

Learn about Peace

It's great to learn about Peacemaking!

+300per post

Start a Thread

Staring discussions is powerful!

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Respond to a Thread

Thanks for supporting others!

+500per project

Join a project

Great to start taking action!

+700per action

Take Action

You are really taking action now!

+1000per project

Create a Project

Creating a project makes a difference!

+1250per project

Be a Mentor

Sharing what you know is fantastic!

+5000per project

Win a Peace Prize

You are an exemplar Peacemaker!


Social Butterfly

You’re someone who really likes to make friends.

Peace Prize Winner

Your hard work has earned notice in the community.


Your talent in mentoring new peace makers is mentorific!

Lead the Way

You’ve taken your project to new heights of peace making.

Project Maker

For successfully launching a new project on the site.


You rock at taking actions and make change happen!


Spends a great deal of time ideastorming solutions.

Real Team Player

It’s great to get involved in projects to solve issues.

Good Einstein

You’re just an awesome peace learner and know it all!

The Inviter

For successfully launching a new project on the site.

Getting Started

Everyone’s a beginner some-times. Great you joined us!

Start a project

Can’t find a peace project for what you’re passionate about? Start your own.

Start your Movement

Other ways to help you get started