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September 2017
KLewandowski is from:
Michigan, United States
16 years 0 months old
Share something about yourself:

I, Kyle Lewandowski a student and advocate against bullying at Bay City Central High School has been bullied from my Elementary to Middle School years. Last year, I joined my schools Anti-Bullying Pledge Club. In December, things went big in the club. We received National recognition on more than one occasion, we spoke out against Bullying at other schools in our area and I received the Inaugural Billy Michal Student Leadership Award.

Issues KLewandowski cares about:
KLewandowski’s has joined the community because:
I have experienced bullying and exclusion first hand and I had a really hard time dealing with it and now I have to help others!
What does KLewandowski bring to their community?:

I speak out against bullying by presenting assemblies at area schools.

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