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March 2017
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Arizona, United States
14 years 4 months old
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Hi am 13 years old and the founder of a non profit organization "Backpacks 4 Kids AZ", I created Backpacks 4 Kids AZ when one of my friends failed an assignment because she did not have paper and pencil at home. My organization provides backpacks filled with school supplies to low income students in the community and this year we started a new program "Love Bundles" a backpack filled with hygiene products, a blanket and a toy for kids entering foster care.

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I believe all children deserve to have a backpack with basic supplies, whether it is a child starting their first day of school or it's a child that was removed from their home entering foster care. Why should children suffer, it is not their fault that they are in a unfortunate situation.
What does kitkat bring to their community?:

We believe it is important for students to be active in the community and help other members of the community , it's an experience they will carry with them the rest of their life, knowing the impact that they made.

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