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Joined the community:
July 2017
HPHelper is from:
Illinois, United States
16 years 1 month old
Share something about yourself:

I'm a Sophomore students at Hyde Park, I'm part of the WOW program. WOW taught me to work with people I don't know, this has allowed me to talk to more people and work with people don't know but I'm willing to learn.

Issues HPHelper cares about:
HPHelper’s has joined the community because:
Helping people would improve my community. I hope by helping homeless people would give them hope and show other people that they are humans as well. I see homeless people on the street asking for food and/or money, give them old clothes would bring them hope.
What does HPHelper bring to their community?:

I know people in my community that need support, my family has taught me to give to those that are less fortan then we are. My grandmother taught me that we are blessed and helping other that have less them us will bless them as well as us.

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