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March 2017
ggtic is from:
Ohio, United States
15 years 5 months old
Share something about yourself:

I have a meticulous personality which causes me to be very analyzing. As such, I have recognized many things in the US and in the world in general that I believe need to be changed. I tend to organization and logic above all else.

Issues ggtic cares about:
ggtic’s has joined the community because:
I believe that the current climate is unacceptable. Youth needs to be prepared to speak up for what they believe, women need to be able to speak up for what they believe. I wish to help people get out and speak about what they believe.
What does ggtic bring to their community?:

I bring the cold truth to the table. I don't ignore facts, I believe in having no thought crime. This is because so long as facts are representations of what you already believe to be true, you cannot b proven wrong. Strong convictions are just as important as strong action, strong facts, and strong arguments.

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