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October 2016
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Massachusetts, United States
43 years 8 months old
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I am Aries, cusp of a Pisces. I don't like raisins in my baked goods but I really like grapes. I don't understand the appeal of kale or lobster but really enjoy peace. And popcorn. I am a very bad speler.

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Because it is the only thing that matters.
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Experience. Networks.

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  • Eric PF wrote on tippitlion's Wall 6 m

    @tippitlion I just saw the video about the summit today – amazing!!

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  • Good!  I’ve loved reading about the work.  Terrific job!!

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  • Eric PF acted on solution Project Insight 7 m

    Hi!  I’m Eric, the CEO of Peace First. I just want to share how much I love this image and the power of information!  Keep up the good work!

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  • Logan, Eric here.  I think you are asking a great question.  I find it best to go directly to the source and ask young people in foster care what they would most like and why.

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  • Hi! I’m Eric, the CEO of Peace First.  Just wanted to shout out how much I enjoyed watching your video and learning about your work.  I love the simple message of helping young people feel cared for!

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  • Hi!  I am Eric, the CEO of Peace First. I enjoyed reading about your project and plan today.  I love the passion and commitment.  Two organizations to check-out Eye to Eye serves young people with learning differences and LIFT, based in DC are both organizations we can do an introduction to if you’d like to learn more.  Keep up the inspiring work!

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  • Hi!  I’m Eric, the CEO of Peace First.  I am so excited have taken up the Challenge and that you are tackling such an important issue.  Cultivating empathy and bringing people together is such an important issue.  And hard.  I’m curious, why do you think the divisions exist?  What is causing them?  How could you address the root cause?  Check…[Read more]

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  • Eric PF wrote on CLEEO's Wall 8 m

    @cleeo Hi! I’m Eric, the CEO of Peace First. So glad you have joined our community!

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  • Hi!  I’m Eric and I am the CEO of Peace First.  I love this project and the injustice you are tackling.  It is so important.  I’m curious: why do you think social media makes bullying worse?  You’ve connected with someone who has dealt with it – I’m curious, have you spoken with someone who has been a perpetrator?  Why do they engage in this behav…[Read more]

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  • Eric PF acted on solution Project Insight 8 m

    Hi, it’s Eric here.  I love the fact you are tackling the stigma associated with mental illness.  So important and timely.  The UK is doing some good work.  Check out this and this.  I’m curious what you can do to offer different stories?  Why does the stigma exist?  How does it affect young people?  How can you help empower people to tell their o…[Read more]

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