Ecopiedras: Operadores Turísticos’s Profile

Joined the community:
November 2016
Ecopiedras: Operadores Turísticos is from:
Antioquia, Colombia
23 years 6 months old
Share something about yourself:

Hello! We're Ecopiedras, this is a creative idea, development around a year at Urabá Antioqueño, through our bicycles discover a new places and we show this to tourist

Issues Ecopiedras: Operadores Turísticos cares about:
Ecopiedras: Operadores Turísticos’s has joined the community because:
Piedras Blancas is an area with some public orden problems, today young people want have other opportunities to leave the school, Ecopiedras search that this people use in a better way their time, make a place with a new vision, big leaders and a community with agreement
What does Ecopiedras: Operadores Turísticos bring to their community?:

A new vision, Piedras Blancas have an amazing biodiversity, we need to show a new face!

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