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Joined the community:
September 2017
EAKITS is from:
Indiana, United States
15 years 9 months old
Share something about yourself:

I am a brain cancer survivor. I have spent over half of my life in the hospital. I started a project called Emma's Art Kits- fka Emma's Art Cart. I have been that sick child in the hospital who was too sick to get out of bed, or unable to go to the play room and had nothing to keep me busy or my mind off being sick, so I started my program to help those in the hospital who are sick or have substance abuse problems that can use an Art Kit for Art Therapy or just something to do to keep their minds in a happy creative place.

Issues EAKITS cares about:
EAKITS’s has joined the community because:
because there is never a shortage of sick kids unfortunately. Cancer isn't going anywhere and only seems to be getting worse.
What does EAKITS bring to their community?:

I bring hope and a positive face to cancer, that there is more to cancer than being sick. I have never regretted being sick- if I wasn't then I would never of been able to help the kids that I have. I have delivered over 3,000 kits to hospitals and mental health facilitys


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