challengingthenarrative’s Profile

Joined the community:
February 2017
challengingthenarrative is from:
North Carolina, United States
17 years 6 months old
Share something about yourself:

I am a student in the NewGen Peacebuilders program and I am working with a team of fellow peacebuilders to challenge the single narrative that people have about immigrants and refugees living in the United States.

Issues challengingthenarrative cares about:
challengingthenarrative’s has joined the community because:
I am interested in helping to spark a movement of young peacemakers because the young generation is the future for change to happen, young people need to be on board with working to create peace in the world.
What does challengingthenarrative bring to their community?:

I bring a positive energy and a sense of optimism to the community. I help people out whenever I can and I always smile at everyone. I try to make everyone feel equal and accepted.

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