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Joined the community:
February 2017
BSW is from:
Tennessee, United States
34 years 11 months old
Share something about yourself:

I am the Founder of Beautiful Spirited Women Teen Mentoring Program. We were founded November 10, 2010. We have hosted over 75 free workshops and 100 free volunteer opportunities for youth ages 4-19 years old. I have found the need to give back for our teenage girls in the community in which we live in. I used to be a teenage girl and I feel the need to do what I need to do to make sure their future is better.

Issues BSW cares about:
BSW’s has joined the community because:
I am a person of change. I love creating ideas to make a difference in our community. They need us and I am willing to be there to support our youth in everything want to do. The things that's affecting our community is youth violence and lack of respect.
What does BSW bring to their community?:

I bring leadership, confidence, growth, joy, support and a driven spirit that keeps our teen girls on their toes.

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