Joined the community:
December 2016
AUSTINLEY is from:
Central, Kenya
40 years 8 months old
Share something about yourself:

Austine Wisley Ngabwe is a refugee from D.R.Congo living in Nairobi for 13 years, he is a volunteer teacher and among the founder of Christ's Victory centre a community based organization assisting less privileged children living in Githurai 45 such as , (Refugees, IDP's ,orphans....) his aim is to see others are smiling by both empowered women,children to have their right to education and make sure the young girls have proper access to hygienic towels.

Issues AUSTINLEY cares about:
AUSTINLEY’s has joined the community because:
My interest is to see other are smiling and live in good health, though this program, I believe my community will have a big change .
What does AUSTINLEY bring to their community?:

I want to bring the change in the community where by ,I will make sure that every child in house hold have access to education, health and his family can meet three meals and because the most challenge in our community is how to meet their basic

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