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November 2016
Auntie Sage is from:
Florida, United States
70 years 10 months old
Share something about yourself:

I'm a grandmother of six with a lifetime of experience in educating for a culture of peace. I believe that peace is not only possible, it's inevitable. We can find it everywhere, if we have eyes to see and ears to hear. We can help to nurture the seeds of peace no matter who or where we are. I've envisioned this kind of collaborative peacemaking network for a long time. I'm so grateful to be here!

Issues Auntie Sage cares about:
Auntie Sage’s has joined the community because:
The needs are urgent at this critical moment in human history. Our interconnected world has an amazing opportunity to work in new ways to address the social and environmental challenges of our time. Children, youth, adults and elders each have a role to play in the evolutionary shift to a sustainable future.
What does Auntie Sage bring to their community?:

I bring the Wisdom of the Elders to support young people -- and those who care about their future -- in making the change they want to see in the world. I offer a wealth of spiritual, human and material resources from the many organizations I have networked with over the years. Together, we are Sowing a Culture of Peace for the Earth, Our Home.

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