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October 2016
alexa.nder_hamilton is from:
New Jersey, United States
16 years 6 months old
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I love playing soccer, standing up for my beliefs, watching American Horror Story, browsing through CNet and Kickstarter, finding new music, and listening to the Hamilton sountrack (look at my username). When I was 10, I founded an organization called Bags of Books. Since then, I have collected and donated over 85,000 children's books to America's youth in underprivileged schools in an effort to promote literacy and foster a love of reading.

Issues alexa.nder_hamilton cares about:
alexa.nder_hamilton’s has joined the community because:
I am interested in helping to spark a movement of young peacemakers because I have learned via my work for the organization which I founded, Bags of Books, that kids have the power to change the world, and the future is in our hands.
What does alexa.nder_hamilton bring to their community?:

I bring passion, energy, and a desire to put ideas into action. I love brainstorming creative solutions to community problems, and seeing the impact of my and other's peacemaking work. I also come to the community looking to make friends to collaborate with on large peacemaking initiatives.

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