How do you get started and what happens when you hit bumps in the road?

“During my struggle, adults played a huge role for me. Some were trying to destroy my dreams and stop me. Others believed in me, trusted me that I could lead, helped me to lead it. Both types were key to my success because they pushed me to be a leader.” – Wei

Once you have the outline of a plan, the next step is to implement it, remembering that turning a plan into reality can be exciting and hard. Throughout, it’s important to continue to return to your peacemaking insight, your first big goal, and your planning design for guidance.

These are some of the tools we have developed and tested to help you navigate through this stage:

A1 – Tracking your Progress: How can you document your project’s results?
A2 – Staying Safe: How can you stay safe throughout your project?

Also, you may be eligible for a mini-grant between $25 and $250 USD to support putting your peacemaking project into action! Find out more information here.

Deep dive resources

These resources will help you dive deeper into this stage of your journey:

You can also see some videos from other peacemakers on some success stories as they were taking action to address the injustice that they care about:

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Eli'sSuccess Story

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Jasmine's Success Story

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Kylee's Success Story

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Mathew's Success Story