Group logo of Domestic Violence support Group

I would love to start a Group empowering Women, not only women any Victim that suffered from Domestic Violence or Suffered from DCF removing your children. Would love to get together once a month or twice a month […]

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Group logo of HPAHelpers
HPAHelpersactive 3 m

Providing hope to homeless men and women.

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Group logo of Civic engagement group

This is a group for young people interested in civic engagement projects.

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Group logo of Kans for Kids
Kans for Kidsactive 3 m

My group is made of Leonor Arce, 14, Devin Martinez, 13, and myself, Eleanor Schoenbrun, 13

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Group logo of The Game Changers

We are a group of Freshman BAM students in Humboldt Park. We hope to make a difference in the community.

Public Group / 12 members
Group logo of Black Latin Magic

This group was built between three young ladies that wanted to make a change.That change is Cultural Appropriation. Cultural Appropriation is when one culture is being ignorantly made fun of used the wrong way by […]

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Group logo of EVER GREEN
EVER GREENactive 3 m


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Group logo of Share Your Story
Share Your Storyactive 3 m

This group provides a safe environment for people to share their stories, experiences and thoughts. It is okay to be yourself and this group will show you the love and support you need.

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Group logo of Education group
Education groupactive 3 m

Group for people interested in peacemaking projects that support education.

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Group logo of Healthcare group
Healthcare groupactive 3 m

This is a group for young people interested in projects related to healthcare.

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