How It Works

The news stories of Chicago are filled with stories of deep divisions, violence and despair, yet we know there are thousands of young people – right now – who are hungry to help, who truly believe in inclusion, respect, and making a difference.

We are launching a The Peace First Chicago Challenge in partnership with Chicago’s Youth Guidance to inspire young people throughout the Chicagoland area to tackle the problem of community violence. This summer, along with a network of key partners – including funders, young people and the organizations they love – we will unleash young people’s compassionate creativity to make Chicago safer and stronger.

The Peace First Chicago Challenge is a call to action for teams of young people in Chicago to create powerful solutions for issues in their schools and local communities. If you are between the ages of 13-24, we challenge you to change your communities for the better by crossing lines of difference, standing up for yourselves and others, and joining with others to solve the issue of community violence. Together, show the world the power young people have to be a force for good!

Start The Peace First Chicago Challenge by identifying a team of young people and each of you registering on the Peace First Challenge platform, today.All registrations are due by July 7th, 2017.




Need Some Help?

  1. As you begin, use the facilitator’s manual and corresponding young peacemaker manual to go through each stage.
  2. Email any questions.
  3.  For adults and additional questions go to our FAQ page

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The Steps

Below are the steps you need to follow to complete the Peace First Chicago Challenge. Click on any step to find out more.